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Today's Prayer Timetable

Salah Begins Jama'ah
Fajr 5:49 6:00
Zuhr 1:10 1:30
Asr 4:34 5:00
Magrib 7:17 7:22
Isha 8:32 9:00
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Welcome to our website

Assalamu Alaykum Brothers and Sisters,                                                                                                  

Welcome to the "Tri-State Islamic Center" web page of Iowa, Wisconsin, and Illinois. Our Muslim Brothers and Sisters come from three states in the United States connected by one river called the Mississippi River. Please come back and visit us for updates. Please visit our Masjid project page and don't forget to donate!   

Jazakum Allah Khairan,


-The Tri-State Islamic Center Community.

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